Book cover of, 'Making Peace with Porn.'

Book cover of, ‘Making Peace with Porn.’

 Making Peace with Porn: Overview

It is estimated that 30% of all Internet traffic is pornography. One conservative estimate says that 100 million people look at porn online every day, and 95% of these people are men. Yet for many women, the topic of pornography sparks deep feelings of discomfort and insecurity, and can lead to worries or fights about its place in long-term relationships. Making Peace with Porn was written to start a positive discussion about a wildly popular but often-taboo subject: adult entertainment.

Author Allison Vivas is a wife and mother, and also happens to run a pornography production company. In a relatable, good-humored tone she takes a refreshing look at why porn might not be such a bad thing after all. With an insider’s perspective, she gives insight into male psychology and biology, buying and watching patterns, and the inner workings of the industry.

Incorporating personal stories, the history of adult entertainment, clinical research, statistics and data, tips for discussing the topic with your partner, and level-headed advice about the role of pornography in relationships, this book explains why pornography is nothing women need to feel threatened by. She explores the causes behind our anxiety and distrust of porn and how to find tolerance, if not acceptance.

Most books about pornography are negative and fear-based, but this book takes a brave – dare we say, full-frontal – look at why pornography is a regular part of many men’s lives and why that might just be perfectly OK.


Making Peace with Porn

Chapter One: My Guy Watches Porn! What’s Wrong With Him?
Chapter Two: My Introduction to Pornography
Chapter Three: A Brief History of Pornography and the Industry
Chapter Four: Who Taught Us to Hate Porn
Chapter Five: Five Lessons of Porn
Chapter Six: Shoes and Sex
Chapter Seven: Science of the Male Sexual Brain
Chapter Eight: What the Industry Really Looks Like
Chapter Nine: Finding Tolerance, if Not Acceptance
Chapter Ten: Incorporating Pornography into Your Sex Life (Or Skip Ahead to Chapter Eleven)
Chapter Eleven: What I Have Learned at Work
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Allison Vivas is the president of adult entertainment company Pink Visual, a groundbreaking brand in the industry known for its technological and other innovations. Vivas has been selected to represent the adult entertainment industry at mainstream media events. She has been honored by online global forum BigThink.com as one of the “10 Top Women in Male Dominated Fields,” and received other business and professional awards. She has contributed articles about adult entertainment to national magazines including Newsweek. Outside of her professional persona, she also holds the titles of “wife” and “mother.” She lives in Tuscon, AZ.

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