THE SEX FILES: Interview with Allison Vivas of Pink Visual

blogCheck out ShortAndSweetNYC dot com’s latest article on Making Peace with Porn. An in-depth one-on-one interview with Pink Visual president and author, Allison Vivas.

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Blurb: Internet adult content producer Pink Visual’s tag line is “We Innovate, You Masturbate.” The company has exploited technology and used their knowledge of where people are looking presently for porn by being one of the first sites to launch adult content optimization to smart phones ( as well as experimenting with 3D production for mobile devices and QR-codes.

Allison Vivas is the President of Pink Visual and has been honored by the online global forum as one of the “10 Top Women in Male Dominated Fields,” and received other business and professional awards. She’s also contributed articles about adult entertainment to national magazines including Newsweek, and in June she’s publishing Making Peace with Porn, a frank expose about women’s attitudes about porn, why they might have them, and what they might do about them. To say I was ‘tickled pink’ to talk with this knowledgeable lady would be an understatement…